Links for 2006-08-17

What Are Web Surfers
One thing about us Internet users: We like our music, we like our pictures, we like our sex — and we like them all free.
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Howstuffworks “How Kissing Works”
Pucker up!
(tags: culture health psychology sex science)

YouTube – Tea Partay
White people rapping. Yawn?
(tags: funny video youtube)

Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex? – Best Life Magazine
the duo who created the bestseller “Why Do Men Have Nipples?” explain everything you always wanted to know about the differences between men and women but would only ask a doctor after your third whiskey sour
(tags: sex science health)

Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy: Movies With a View presents The Warriors
Guarenteed to be a cute hipster boy-fest
(tags: movies nyc events)

iMedia Connection: 7 Experts Review 14 Killer Websites
We went straight to some of the interactive market’s brand experts to find out their tips for building an attractive and engaging website and get them to reveal which website they wish was their own.
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  1. How did you not quote this from the first article???

    “Among the sex searchers, there were 50,549 inquires for nude pictures. Perhaps for the first time in Internet history, the person most requested wasn’t Pamela Anderson. In fact, it wasn’t even a woman, but Peter Wentz, boyish singer of pop group Fall Out Boy. Ms. Anderson was second, followed by Paris Hilton.”

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