You Write the Caption: Julian Casablancas at Natural History Museum Gig

On Thursday, The Strokes played a gig in an unusual setting–flanked by dinosaur bones at the London Natural History Museum as part of the T-Moblie Street Gigs series.

Here’s a photo of Julian taken during the gig that is just begging for your captioning:

julian dinos bubble

[SOURCE: Oh Someday]

Here’s one I did:

julian dinos bubble list

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29 replies on “You Write the Caption: Julian Casablancas at Natural History Museum Gig”

  1. ok.. umm.. so how does it go again… all the chords form that song and all the something something of that other something i heard yesterday…..?

  2. why the fuck do i have these clothes on? i dont even remember ever being on a motorcycle. i wish albert hadnt pooped on all my blazers.

  3. okay, so how does my new choreography go again? kick ball change pas de bouree…fuck i have new respect for britney,,,

  4. “ehh why the fuck couldn’t i get it up, i used to be great at whipping it out… albert’s gonna think i’m a fucking old shit.”

  5. why would julian say… “I am in love with Julian….too bad he is married……” he might say, “I am in love with Fariha.. to bad i’m married…..” okay so that was sufficiently lammmmmme.

  6. Ummm, how did they tell me to lower this damn microphone? I can’t sing on my frig’n tiptoes all night!

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