I Hope Marissa Cooper Dies a Slow and Painful Death

Earlier today I along with several other editors/ bloggers/ writer people received an email with one purpose: “Save Marissa Cooper from the OC!!!!!!!!”. No big deal, right? I don’t even watch The OC nor do I care about Mischa Barton so I didn’t even pay attention. But then I received ANOTHER email from a different person…but with the same subject line and email text. Then another. Then ANOTHER. THEN ANOTHER.

I don’t even know how many emails I received with the same lengthy email detailing out why I should care about saving this Marissa Cooper person–who I understand to be A COMPLETELY FICTIONAL CHARACTER. I’ve had to put a spam filter on “Marissa Cooper” on my email to stop myself from accidentally reading this ridiculous message over and over again.

I replied to one of the emails stating that if I read about saving Marissa Cooper one more time I was going to jump out a window and to stop sending me messages because I have no interest in the TV show. To which the reply was, “i have the power to make the emails stop… please post a mention of our campaign on ur site and the emails will stop!”. I refuse to link to the site and their cause because as an American I WILL NOT NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS.

These e-terrorists then amended their manifesto by adding that they “would like to apologize for the harassment you have received today by the spamming of the Save Marissa letter: but that in their “experience” spamming writers is “the ONLY way to get heard.”

I would like to publicly say that yes, if you spam a long list of writers and bloggers you WILL be heard. But this is what it sounds like to us:


And then we’ll end up talking about how annoyed we all are by your emails behind your backs and tell you to STOP IT because it’s just plain impolite to bomb people with emails about stuff they don’t even care about. We’ll then go on to campaign for the death penalty for Marissa Cooper and declare an assassination of Mischa Barton’s career.


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  1. I don’t watch the show. I tried once and it sucked. But from what I have read in passing Ms. Barton wanted to leave the show to pursue other interests (the big screen) so she wouldn’t come back even if this silly little campaign somehow worked. What sad lives those fools must live to waste their time…and now yours…on this.

  2. people watch to much television music is a lot better it actually has real people unlike O.C no one cares who is on it anyway!

  3. uhh…FUCK YES. we here in melbourne have been waiting for this day. KILL THE SHEMALE.

  4. i thought she died already…. how is a campaign gonna bring her back? what a complete waste of time and cyberspace!!!

  5. WHAT ABOUT YOU?Oh my GOd!Sorry for disturb you,all of you with your stupid comments about The OC. ok,I accept you not to like this show but please stop talking so bad about it.There´re a lot of people who loves this show because it is really good and if you dont like it SHUT UP….if you dont like you dont have reason to talk about it and DONT JOKE ABOUT THIS!You seems like childs….

  6. hey, I`m from germany…

    hier in Deutschland ist die letzte Folge der 3. Staffel noch nicht aus gestrahlt worden. Aber ich habe sie mir auf amerikanisch runtergeladen, etwas schwer für mich den amerikanischen akzent zu verstehen aber es ging schon. Ich find es wahnsinnig traurig das Marissa sterben musste. Wie soll das gehen?-> O.C., California ohne Marissa Cooper? Das geht doch nicht, ich finde es echt traurig 🙁 Naja ich bin trotzdem froh das noch eine 4. Staffel gedreht wird und auch hier zu Lande aus gestrahlt wird…

  7. listen up u h8ters! The O.C. is the best! Especially Marissa! I love her and cry for her every night! i’m 12 years old and would really appreciate it if all u h8ters would keep it 2 yourselves! Thanks!

  8. hi any one i love to watch the oc and i was sad when marissa cooper died cry cry cry im so sad.

    ps what time is the oc on now i forget cry i want watch it more and more but i forget the time it was on.
    plz say

  9. gosh wow do you h8ers have anything else to do but WAAH WAAAAAAAAH WAHHHHHH yourselves gosh complaining its a crappy show well keep it do yourselves you say you dont car about the OC well us lovers of it dont give a crap about your opinion so maybe next time you want to cry your heart out and say that the OC sucks or something just think how many people are on your side compared to the people that love the show its like 1 million percentage to 1 btw Marisa should of lived and the OC will never go off air so stop complaining and go sob to someone who cares

  10. Your wish came true, you bastard. I love Marissa Cooper and want her to come back to life and you SUCK you dont even know who she is. Marissa Cooper is beautiful and perfect and my idol forever.

  11. I love marissa cooper she was the star of the sho and the ppl that are say she should die are very mean and if you dotn watch the show then you shouldn’t be saying things. Bevause The oc have won the best tv show 3 times in a row, for season 1, 2, 3 and now its season 4 and i bet you a million dollars its gonna win agian. so for the people that hate the show you can go sux a monkeys ass, and while your at it SHUT UP! thnx and good bye 🙂

  12. all u O.C h8ters i got a newsflash 4 ya! SOME PPLL LUV THE O.C so shut the fuck up. if ur gonna waste time comlaining about the oc tell it 2 sum1 who cares dont go baggin the oc or the ppll that like it cos its ok 2 like sumthin that u dont 2 sum ppl the ocs a religion and Marissa Cooper was the best she aws the best character and she was sooooo pretty so go stuff ur face down a drain and DIE!!!!!!!!!!
    or u can quit talkin shit and listen 2 the world cos newsflash number 2 the world doesnt revolve around u and ur not the only 1 who lives in it. so u go die a horrible painful grusome bloody death and got 2 hell. MARISSA COOPER ROX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. all u h8ters listen 2 the world just cos ur fucked up bitches doesnt mean u have 2 go around talkin shit about the ppll who like th O.C i think u should choke on ur words and DIE!!!!!!!! i luv the O.C and its my life its my religion so i got a suggestion if u cant put up with the O.C u die a slow, horrible,painful,grusome,bloody,disgusting,sick death and rott in hell cos i h8 ya all (cept 4 da ppll who like the O.C) SHUT UP AND COMPLAIN 2 SUM 1 WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. sum of us do actually care about emails about Marissa Cooper who was the coolest person on the sho so u die and the whole world will b happy!!!!!!!! u have no right 2 bag ppll who luv the O.C and espesially u cant bag Mischa Barton and u have no right 2 say u wanna dstroy Mischa Bartons carrer nver insult Mischa barton again cos, I KNOW WHAT U DID LAST SUMMER!!!!!!!!!! (i also know were u live)

  15. F.Y.I sum ppll luv the O.C and Marissa Cooper so tell sum1 who cares. All u h8ters r bitches so stuff u y dont u just watch the O.C its the best so dont go insulting every1 and Aimee u go do da thing u sed ud wanna do 2 Marissa cos u SUCK ur a bitch and sumppll would agree with me so just SHUTUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I just kinda have to say because I stumbled upon this.
    I’m neither a hater nor a lover of the oc, but yeah, they took it off the air so you can all go cry in your cheerios now
    Marissa’s death was an anticlimatic and crappy one
    It’s actually sad because it was getting better without Mischa “cant act worth crap” Barton.

  17. Hey

    Okay the OC is my favorite show ever.
    so all of you stupid punk ass pussy need to stop bitching about how yall dont like the show .


    oh yea and all of the people on there are good actor and actresses.
    so yea.
    in you face ass hole Dean.

    oh yea

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