Links for 2006-06-03

Mr. Black’s Ass Shot
Sexy NYC gay club…with bottomless waitstaff!

ohnotheydidnt: A POST FULL OF NOBODIES!!
The kid from The Omen looks SO creepy. Hilarious

ohnotheydidnt: ashlee simpson on trl
She totally pulled a Jennifer Grey. I can’t even recognize her!

Rufus Wainwright plays Judy Garland
Mr. Wainwright, a man once called the "first postliberation era gay pop star," will revisit Judy Garland’s legendary 1961 concert at Carnegie Hall.
I hope to eliminate the hassle of going to 4-5 sites to find information/check out/cyberstalk/[insert excuse for cyberstalking here] on someone. Be honest, you know you have Google/MySpace/Friendster-ed at least one of your friends?

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