Pete Doherty Finally Dropped from Rough Trade?

Wow, someone at Rough Trade finally had it up to here with Pete Doherty and now his band, Babyshambles, has been officially droped from the RT roster. Apparently Rough Trade can handle a lot of things, but squirting a MTV camera crew with blood from a syringe is not one of them.

In related news, Pete’s old flame Kate Moss is doing swimingly as the “sexy and stunning” spokesmodel for the Nikon S6.

Let that be a lesson to all of you: Snorting crack = good for modeling career, squirting blood = bad for music career.

Glad we got that squared away once and for all.

SOURCE: And Now There Is This Distance

UPDATE: Er…Babyshambles hasn’t been “dropped” by Rough Trade…they just haven’t had time to renegotiate a contract. Oooookkaaayy…

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