The Adams Forcast: Ryan Is Looking Hot This Week

I’m waiting for Amrit to upload his photos from the Jesse Malin Mercury Lounge show so I can drool all over myself. Not because Jesse Malin is anything to get the vapors over, but because his man pal Ryan Adams came onstage to sing two songs with him–and according to all reports Ryan was rocking the drop-dead gorgeous look. Because we all know that Ryan Adams either looks really hot or like a horrible grizzly man or backwater hillbilly. Glad to hear he’s out and about looking like the hottie he truly is.

In other Adams news, the Big Star tribute album “Big Star Small World” featuring Whiskeytown will finally be released this Tuesday, May 23rd. It was originally slated to be released in 1998 but the original label distributing the album folded before it could get published. Luckily Koch Records bought the rights in 2006 and it’ll now be available to fans. Unfortunately for NME, it’s not Idlewild on the record–it’s the disbanded pop group the Idle Wilds. Whoops.

big star small world

UPDATE: Yesssss. Amrit posted the photos. DROOOOOOLLLLL. Check out the photos he posted on Stereogum as well.

ryan adams mercury lounge

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  1. those Ryan pictures scared me – I was in denial when I saw them awhile back……………………. great to see he is back and about – and Jesse Malin too !

  2. Someone needs to tell him about those glasses. I mean, I know he puts out eleventy-twelve albums a year, but just, no. The orange hair Ryan skeered me. Most dark-haired people learned not to use Sun-In in 7th grade.

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