6 replies on “America’s Next Top Country Girl”

  1. i’m shocked! love to hate jade but she’s so much better. danielle takes pretty pictures but certainly is not “representative” of a ANTM. guess they didn’t want a whole batch of bitchy girls to show up for next season…

  2. awww.. i want joannie to win. but you’re right, danielle’s pictures are great. she has nice body too.

  3. I was happy for either Joanie or Danielle to win. Joanie is amazingly photogenic (I hink her nose looks a bit bulbous in motion, but not in pics). Danielle is gorgeous and cracked me up. Both girls we super-consistent and knew how to be competitive without becoming back-stabby. So Yay!

  4. This was the first season I’ve watched and would have been really happy either way. So yay!

  5. i watch all season of antm but this new season was worst..no one would be able to have title of antm winner..but if i have to pick, i choose JOANIE..go JOANIE go!!!!! JADE, get out…..

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