The Strokes Begrudgingly Attend Rolling Stone’s Party?

According to reports published in WWD today, The Strokes have gotten into a tiff over money with Wenner Media over their compensation fee for playing Rolling Stone’s 1,000 issue celebration next week. It is rumored that Wenner originally made a verbal agreement for an undisclosed sum to the rock ‘n’ rollers but have since scaled back the amount offered.

A conflicting report from another snitch disputed that claim, stating the band tried to pull a fast one on Wenner and inflated their booking fee, to which Wenner bargained them back down to the original asking price.

It’s also rumored that The Strokes weren’t even supposed to be the headlining act, rather an opener to a more estabilshed rock group like Tom Petty or Bruce Springsteen. Who’s taking the place of the Heartbreaker and The Boss? Uh…Paul Shaffer, of course.

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11 replies on “The Strokes Begrudgingly Attend Rolling Stone’s Party?”

  1. I think the 900,000/400,000 figures are for the total cost of the party, not how much the band would have gotten paid. It also said they rearranged their touring schedule. Whatever. I hate Rolling Stone magazine anyway.

  2. That Rolling Stone is getting the Strokes to headline their party only proves what we already know — Rolling Stone is 5 years behind the rest of the world. Awful, irrelevant magazine.

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