Links for 2006-04-26

Video of Arnold Talking about Booty in Brazil
NSFW. Hilarious…and a little sickening.

Full’er up: Dating advice from Bonnie
Bonnie Fuller believes in ultimatums. More than 23 years ago, she gave her now-husband a big one: "Either propose in six months or it’s over." That was their third date.

What’s That Label? Why, It’s a Mongo
But when Ms. Apple trawled for sites dedicated exclusively to finding clothes, the Net came up empty. So recently she started her own, Foundclothing (, where she posts photos of her bounty, lists where and when items were found

stereogum: More Extreme Makeover For <i>Spin</i>
When bad graphic design hits music magazines

The 21st-Century Peep Show by Kathryn Belgiorno
Big Brother’s got you under surveillance. But so does little sister.

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