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Hil and Joel Looking Ho-rific
Oh my.

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Overview
Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) is comprised of digital telephony and data-transport services offered by regional telephone carriers. ISDN involves the digitization of the telephone network, which permits voice, data, text, graphics, music, vid

Revolver, Spin Get Snapped Up
Two music magazines hope to amp up their volume after being sold last week to San Francisco-based publishers.

Hot List: People Tops List; Nelson Named Editor of the Year
In a year when celebrity ruled the newsstand, and business, general interest and newsweekly titles struggled to retain ad pages, it became clear that in order to be considered hot, a healthy dose of estrogen couldn’t hurt.

NBC Universal Acquires iVillage for $600 Mil.
iVillage, which launched in 1995, is one of a handful of surviving stand-alone Web media companies from the dot-com era. While its signature property — the women-focused portal — makes up the bulk of the company’s traffic, NBC is also acqui

Hey Neighbor, Stop Piggybacking on My Wireless
People in densely populated areas are increasingly bothered by others tapping into their wireless Internet connections.

The Top-Selling Tunes on Billboard, Sung by Children for Children – New York Times
The "Kidz Bop" series — so far, nine numbered installments, two Christmas albums, a Halloween album and a DVD — sold more than seven million copies, according to the company. The last two releases had sales of more than 500,000 copies each, and "Kidz

Your Personal Shopper With the Initials R.S.S.
Looking for new ways to reach consumers, retailers are using R.S.S., or "really simple syndication," to feed product alerts to Internet users.

Natalie Portman’s Rap on SNL
Natalie rapping and being scary

Japanese Commercial for Lux Shampoo with Natalie Portman
Japanese commercial for Lux Superrich shampoo starring Natalie Portman.

Japanese Commercial for Lux Shampoo starring Natalie Portman
Japanese commercial for Lux Superrich shampoo starring Natalie Portman. She’s doing some kind of swashbuckling deal…I don’t even want to think what kind of cash she made for this.

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