Nick Sylvester Suspended and Fired for Fabricated Story in the Village Voice

Woah. I know this has been written up everywhere, but I just found out about the Nick Sylvester scandal. In case you have been as in the dark as I have been, the story is that Village Voice senior associate editor (btw- who made that job title up?) Nick Sylvester’s cover story, “Do You Want to Kiss Me?”, contained fabricated stories and misrepresentations. The Voice has “suspended” Sylvester and further investigation into the validity of the story will occur…and based on the comments by acting Editor-in-Chief Doug Simmons to Gawker, a stern talking to about the “boundaries of journalism.”

Sylvester, who also wrote for Pitchfork resigned this Thursday from his associate edtior position at the Web site after being asked to quit. Because lord knows Pitchfork can’t afford to have its good reputation as a beacon of truth tarnished. And since Pitchfork updates so frequently, they’ve already taken the liberty of deleting his name from the masthead. (Compare with the cached version.)

Anyone else feeling that this title and headline of a story Nick wrote last month is…well…now filled with irony?:

Morals get fuzzy as biz tries to embrace the blog world


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3 replies on “Nick Sylvester Suspended and Fired for Fabricated Story in the Village Voice”

  1. Amazing … I am sure I will hear more about this at the journalism conference at the Roosevelt March 16-18.

    The sad thing is that people in our field do it all the time, he just got caught doing it.

  2. Shame that he did it. I enjoyed Nick’s tomfoolery. Maybe this is an elaborate publicity stunt.

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