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Hi all. I’m not very keen on self-promotion, but I just can’t help and be proud of this one.

Now until next Tuesday you can listen to streaming audio of me on Jo Whiley’s show from yesterday (2/21) right on the BBC Radio 1 Web site! Click on the “Tuesday” audio link and you’re set.

If you skip to about 1 hour and 40 minutes in you should hear me gabbing away about things like the NYC snow storm, MisShapes, The Editors, NY fashion week, and (of course) Karen Elson and Meg White. Or you can catch some great music by listening to the entire broadcast.

AAaannnddd, you can also listen to Monday’s broadcast which features Jack Johnson singing “My Doorbell” by the White Stripes in the Live Lounge.

In honor of me talking about Meg on the radio, how about I post one of the most recently revealed images of Meg’s Marc Jacobs campaign? Posted by SilverStar on Candy Cane Children via ONTD, I present Miss Meg with funny frames and a latchkey-kid look:

meg white marc jacobs glasses

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  1. Meg should never ever show her teeth! I thought she knew this because she never shows them in White Stripes photos. I wonder if she approved of them using this one because if she didn’t I’d be pissed if I were her.

  2. Well done mate i just listened to the Radio 1 thing u were on and it was very cool– I like your accent!

  3. I’ll have to check it out being a fellow brit, I’m pretty new to this site and surprised you’re representing Nu York on Radio 1. Wasn’t aware of your obviously large coverage

    PS. Not wanting to come across as pedantic but the band Editors is just that, i.e. not as in THE Strokes.

    Bo, bo, bo

  4. Could you tell us how far into the broadcast your interview is? If I sit through any more of this atrocious music I’m going to rip my hair out.

  5. Jack Johnson comes on at around 21:20 (maybe a few minutes later; My Doorbell is at 21:33 (and change). If anyone can rip an MP3 from the stream and post it, that would be awesome.

  6. the guy who took the picture is scarred for lif.


    to be fair, I have to compliment her hair

  7. I think the pictures in this campaign make Meg look god awful. She’s always so pretty but… uh… not in these pictures.

  8. meg looks great…only when her mouth is closed and her teeth aren’t visible. Truth is she’s not that attractive in person, but she can photograph incredibly well sometimes.

  9. MM you rule. Congrats on the interview. Now when do we get an accompanying photo! 😉 Keep it up, the site rocks…

  10. Who is the photographer for this campaign?! I’ve seen pics of Meg looking fun and cute and glamorous, but these are a bowl of no. I do feel better about being randomly photogenic/unphotogenic, though.

  11. it looks like Juergen Teller’s picture as are the rest of MJ ad pics nowadays but I might be wrong.

  12. Cute voice you’ve got there missmodernage. Love the blog, and good to hear a voice. Aloha from Hawaii.

  13. Having been born and raised in California, you sound like you are from Southern California. Any truth to that?? What a fun job you have. Keep up the great website. Just a side comment. Meg can look so amazing but not one of these Marc Jacobs photos are attractive to me. What were they thinking??

  14. Wow … I did not think it was possible for Meg white to look like white trash … white trash with fashion tips from Clueless …

    Honestly … why do people listen to Jack Johnson? Oh they are in a frat …

  15. What a terrible photo. I wonder if Meg is totally pissed.

    But on a more positive note, congrats on the radio gig!

  16. Juergen Teller is so fucking overrated.

    Meg is cute and there’s nothing wrong with making someone look cute.

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