13 replies on “The MisShapes for Eastport”

  1. Good god, these people are the fucking gayest people on planet earth. Exhibit A: the apotheosis of “hipster douchebags.”

  2. Wow she is good looking…..

    Kanye West was dressed like the main character from Scarface, incase you didn’t know. If you did not know it is a horrible movie that is popular among rappers for some reason. Maybe they feel a real connection with cubians that shoot guns and snort mounds of coke.

    When I saw Coldplay/Rilo Kiley in Charlotte, Nc. he did the same danced, but I likened it to the African Anteatter mating ritual.

    One last thing have you heard the rumor that Lindsey Lohan is dating Ryan Adams? Honestly WTF happened to Parker? And WTF is that going to do for his credibility?

  3. On IMDb today:

    Lohan Falls for Ryan Adams?
    Lindsay Lohan may have found a new man in the shape of rocker Ryan Adams. The actress/singer, who was recently romantically linked to her Chapter 27 co-star Jared Leto, has been quietly dating Adams for a month, according to American magazine In Touch. A pal tells the publication, “She’s spending all her free time with him. She has been staying at his Greenwich Village (New York) apartment almost every night. She thinks musicians are sexy and she’s a fan of his music.”

  4. ryan adams lives in chelsea…

    but oh my god i hope they’re dating. it’s even more ridiculous than her and diego garcia.

  5. the guys just get more ridiculous every photo. i’d say leigh gets better looking but this isn’t the best photo of her…

  6. Yeah, these kids are cheese balls. What a bunch of lame asses. Amazing you guys take them seriously, what’s wrong with this town?

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