The Sounds New Album Gets All MisShaped

Check it out, it’s the cover of The Sounds‘s new album, Dying to Say This To You, which has a full-on girl power feel with MisShapes’s very own Love Leigh on the cover along with gal pal Alexis. (Yes, this is 100% real. You can catch it on The Sounds’s publicity page on Big Hassle.) Some words that have been used to describe this cover have been “racktastic,” “nippleriffic,” and “boobalicious.”

The album is really fantastic. I wasn’t a fan of the first LP, but this one has really grabbed me. I remember being totally taken with the music at the Hiro show they did in November where they previewed songs off the album.

I love “Don’t Wanna Hurt You.” There is nothing better than a bunch of Swedish guys singing “Don’t wanna hurt you/ Don’t wanna foook with your feeelinnngs.” They’ve keep their signature synth sound, but add a wonderful rock edge to it, which has really toughened up the vibe of their songs. I play the album on repeat all the time. No joke. I love love LOVE it.

But my only complaint about the album is the horrendous color balancing done on the photo (see below). I am absolutely not an expert on what is exactly right in terms of color correction, but I do know that when I look at the photo, the colors look all wrong. What’s up with the blue hair? Is this an Archie comic book? Where’s Veronica Lodge when you need her?


The Sounds, Dying to Say This to You

My version:

The Sounds, Dying to Say This to You



Don’t you think that’s a slight improvement?

P.S.- Thanks to Audrey for the head’s up.

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12 replies on “The Sounds New Album Gets All MisShaped”

  1. i think i prefered the original version.. The hair looks good in blue. And it’s all about what message you want to pass… But i would’ve told the girl to wear a bra, man.. those boobs are loooooooonnnng.

  2. The colors on your new version are too much like the Libertines’ self titled cover. I like the moodyness of the first.

  3. I completely liked the original version making the skin look pink and “otherworldly”. Your is a little too sallow and much like a *real* photograph.

  4. Well we really like dykes as well as bulls, and we have to say that they would both look better nakid with all the nipples showing all 3 ot them.. and with a little bit of you know .. ACTION… THE NEW SOUNDS CD ROCKS HARD CAUSE WE LIKE THE LADIES

  5. I like the original better..
    I think that they meant the album cover to be bluish & such.
    It makes it look not so normal and plain.

  6. I don’t know… the new one is definately clearer and the blue does kinda get on my nerves but the sounds are awesome and if thats what look they were going for then, whatever its cool…

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