The Strokes’s Interplanetary SPIN Cover

Julian as a used car salesman/Florida grandpa, Nick as Steven Tyler, Fab as Mr. Kotter, Albert as…er…drunk Albert (??), and Nikolai as Lucas Haas’s Amish character in Witness. This is the stuff Strokes covers for SPIN are made of…well at least for 2006.

Be sure to check out the February issue (on stands NOW) which features a cover story on the Strokes written by Marc Spitz. Oh, and on the fourth page of the article you can catch me being quoted about how I “can’t keep up with the [music] that’s out there now” (because I’m old and unsavvy) and me being a lifelong fan of the Strokes.

And of course, the boys are playing SNL tomorrow night.


The Strokes, February 2006

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  1. I was looking back on the 2002 Band of the Year issue with them on the cover and they looked so much better. They seem like a completely different band now than they did then, both in appearance and in the article, not to mention the music.

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