Mylo’s US Tour Canceled Due to Virus

Woah! This is NUTS. Hot off the PR press:

Mylo has been forced to cancel his forthcoming dates in the U.S. due to a hearing condition.

Having contracted a virus over the Christmas period which has caused him temporary hearing loss, Mylo had been advised to cancel live shows in Japan and Australia at the start of the year. He had hoped that his condition would recover sufficiently to allow him to perform live shows in the U.S., unfortunately his recovery is very slow and no real progress has been made. As he has been recommended to completely recover he has been advised by his doctor not to commit to anything further at least until the end of February.  Mylo deeply regrets having to cancel the dates.

However, even though Mylo will not be able to tour the U.S. as planned, his new release Destroy Rock & Roll will be available in the States on February 7th.

Here’s to Mylo getting better soon!

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