Keeping Tabs on the Missus

Karen Elson in Citizens Band

Ah, when marketing minds collide! Recently, Citizens Band played a Citizens of Humanity jeans party. And as readers of this site already know by now, Mrs. Jack White, aka Karen Elson, is part of the group. It’s been rumored that her performance was so rousing that more than one well-heeled audience member was heard saying, “Play that funky zither, white girl!”

Sadly Jack wasn’t caught on camera at the event because he’s still on a world tour with this little band he’s in called the White Stripes.

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  1. and the White Stripes are also playing at the San Diego street scene on Friday… Hm. I wonder where does Jack go out whilst in town? I’m vouching for the Little Joy or the Shortstop on Sunset…I might drop by for a beer later tonite. See y’all there.

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