Desperately Seeking Folding Bikes

Brompton Bikes are beautiful

I’m not too sure how smart it is to be asking pasty, unhealthy, concert-goers about these sorts of things, but I figure hipster kids love being outdoors too.

I’m thinking about purchasing a folding bike for myself, but I wanted to know if anyone had any recommendations as to brand and model type. I want something pretty lightweight, in a size that would fit someone under 5’3″, and costs under 1,000 dollars. If it’s cute looking and happens to have a chain guard (because I’m a wimp), even better.

I’m also taking recommendations for your favorite bike shop in Manhattan below 14th Street, or on the East side. These would be the most likely places I would shop.

Thanks bike geeks.

13 replies on “Desperately Seeking Folding Bikes”

  1. I want a foldy bike too!
    let me know what you find. i am currently using a bike favored by 8 year olds.

  2. there’s someone at my office selling her folding bike. i’m 5’5” and we’re about the same height. you want me to ask her about it?

  3. yeah, the picture of the bike i have above is Brompton. they run about 700 USD here at the dealers that carry them. and that’s for the C type. hear anything about Dahon? or Giant’s Halway?


    Here’s My friends Blog Spot. He just got his bike jacked, but has some good information and some sites to go to on bikes to have. Read and enjoy. And don’t let that bike out of your sight.

  5. Dahon’s is the best. They have models that fold into a small enough size that you can fit it into a backpack. I’ve put one of those together and it’s really easy to use.

  6. Dude, can I just ask, why? You can buy a cheap bike for like a tenner and even if it gets stolen 30 times you’ll still be under the amount it would cost to buy a folding bike. Also, folding bikes have smaller wheels which mean more pedaling. Not that I want to discourage.

    I recently bought a regular bike that I ride around St. Andrews. It gets my jeans greasy but I don’t mind.

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