Manhattan Carnivore Takes His/Her First Bite

Uh oh, somone has decided to create a new blog called “Manhattan Carnivore,” an obvious swipe at Brooklyn Vegan. His/Her first post details out his/her hatred of all things hipster. The person hates hipsters and all the bands that played at the Southpaw installment of Vicious’s 2nd Anniversary Party that he/she spent a whole night reveling amongst them.

As it just so happens, BV was there in the flesh that very same night. Can you imagine if MC and BV had crossed paths? There’d be Blackberries and digital cameras strewn all over the place! Reer!

Check out the Clap Your Hands Say Yeah set list this geek stole.

14 replies on “Manhattan Carnivore Takes His/Her First Bite”

  1. Carnivore made me laugh. How was modernage’s DJ-ing at the Suck Fest? Can I get a witness?

  2. are you friends with greg (wassanova)? that kid’s a party and a half.


  3. i dont think manhattie carnivore is such a hipster hater. i think he/she was just upset by a dissapointing show.

  4. i think someone said it best when they said:
    “There are good bands that these bloggers have pushed in the past, seriously. Clap Your Hands is just not one of them. They suck. they aren’t innovative or different or special in any way. they will never be anything.

    They are almost as bad as The Caesars. That band is the worst band I have ever heard.”

    I think most of us can agree with those statements.

  5. Me am Bronx Omnivore! Me mad! Todd P. “all ages” policy stupid. It like Slip Knot concert! A$$holes doing arm-in-arm Oi! dance! Hawnay Troof t-shirt douch ruin show for everyone!

  6. That’s it: Bronx Omnivore needs his/her/its own blog RIGHT NOW. That was hilarious.

    Almost as funny as the message two above it, wherein “Anonymous” endorsed a comment by “Anonymous.”

  7. Whoa, whoa, WHOAAAAAA>>>>anonymous endorser of anonymous commnents! The Caesars are not the worst band by far. First of all because their keys player hit on me three years ago in SF. Second of all because Jerk it Out is a perfect pop song, jerk!

  8. The Caesars are atrocious. I saw them play Bowery Ballroom and they could barely keep anyones attention.
    I agree, worst band. CYHSY blow too, and I am a hipster.

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