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  1. Was it a good show? I figured the Von Bons were washed up. Did you read what Jason said about Jack a long time ago in the new MOJO? Why was he so bitter? I don’t condone violence in the least but I also didn’t understand why some people were jumping to Jason’s defense when they had no idea what Jason was like and how shitty he was treating everybody.

  2. this falls into WORST SHOW EVER category. i came to see world leader pretend (by far 10X better than the von bondies have ever been), and was very impressed. This band will be BIG- just watch out…

    I left after 3 songs of the Von’s set b/c it was simply too painful to stand in the same vicinity of such awful music any longer. The fact that ANYONE could actually think this band is decent is absolutely amazing to me.

  3. was the show crappier than Laura’s photo? Just as crappy? Or less crappy? In any case: stop hatin’ on the VBs. OK so they had an off night. Happens to the best of us. Let’s address what YOU have done, blogger bitches? Nothin’. And of you been writing any new songs lately? You sit and shit in the shadows, snitching and bitching. Of all the socalled hipster blog this is the least amusing or entertaining. The fact that ANYONE could actually think this blog is worthy of a Village Voice regonition back in the day is absolutely amazing to me.

  4. Stop hatin on Laura. Ok, so she took a crappy photo. Happens to the best of us. Where’s your photos?Blog?

  5. A few comments:
    First of all, just because someone READS an article in MOJO or anywhere else does not mean you will now “know” what that person is like. I’ve met Jason on many occasions and I can tell you he is a big sweetheart. As well as Don, former VB Carrie and Jason’s brother, Eric.
    And for all the player haters picking on Laura; let me say this. You may love her or hate her… but she is relevant, dedicated and not afraid to speak her mind. When she took the hiatus aftre the Voice nod, the blogosphere was a dreary place indeed. To tell you the truth, I started my own blog because she aggravated me sometimes. Anyone who can inspire action is a force to be reckoned with. Go on with yourself Miss Modernage.

  6. Just because Jason has been nice to you every time you’ve met him doesn’t mean much, because you can’t really “know” someone from a few meetings. Unless you are his close friend, you really can’t say you know him either. It’s not like he is going to be an ass to fans especially when he needs them. Besides, Jack didn’t say what was said about Jason in the article, the writer himself did. He said when he interviewed Jason a few years ago all he did was say things to try to discredit Jack. What purpose would that serve unless a)he was jealous of his popularity b)he felt that he(Jason) deserved more respect and attention or c)he was pissed cause his band wasn’t more famous, I know all of these reasons are much the same but that’s about all it boils down to. Jack did so much for The Von Bondies, probably more than you know, and the only thanks Jack got was Jason going around talking shit about him. Ask many people in Detroit and they’ll you the same thing. That punch-up was a long time coming and people were just glad Jack was the one who made the first move, because if it wasn’t Jack it would’ve been someone else.

  7. “The fact that ANYONE could actually think this blog is worthy of a Village Voice regonition back in the day is absolutely amazing to me.”

    why are YOU here?

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