Julian + Juliet 4eva

The little gossip birds have been speculating that Julian Casablancas finally tied the proverbial knot with Juliet Joslin this weekend. If you are skeptical about the validity of this, The Moldy Peaches’ Kimya Dawson just happened to attend a wedding this weekend where they danced to Milli Vanilli and then headed downtown to party. Draw your own conclusions.

In other Peaches news, Adam Green’s freshman yearbook photo.

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  1. So, been hanging out on the strokes website eh!?

    Good luck to ’em. And like you’ve never danced up a storm to crappy 80’s/90’s pop. Just like you don’t sincerely sing along and do hand actions to ‘endless love’. uh-huh.

  2. miss m would have plotzed. a rather euphoric and wit-drenched performance by kings of convenience followed by sightings of a giddy sondre lerche riding a vintage bicycle around the wide sidewalks od delancey street. scandilicious!

  3. Miss Modernage might want to know that her sweetie Jack White will be on 60 Minutes II tomorrow night talking about how he almost became a priest (!).

    Rusty Trawler, love yer name. Oh That Rusty!

  4. Well, I don’t want to, but i guess have to wish them all the best… They r a cute couple i guess. Sh*t! I’m still kind of jealous!

  5. if someone could put up a picture or an addres wher i could see a picture of JULIET not julian casablancas please do i have never seen her an im the biggest stroles fan ever but they never have them in magasins in ireland. . .
    thank you!

  6. Im gonna have to agree with 10. PLEASE can some1 put up a picture of Juliet Joslin?!!

  7. there is heaps of fotos of juliet on the internet. i have one of julian and juliet hugging!!!!!!!! if you type her name in google images there is a foto of her.

  8. don’t worry she isn’t anything special. why couldn’t he have gone with someone else say me? nah but if he likes her he likes her its about the music anyway GO THE STROKES AND GO AUSTRALIA!!!!

  9. Julian casablancas is hot, but WTF? HER? I thought he was gonna marry me…way to screw up my plans Jules … :P.

  10. if you guys want to see a picture of juliet joslin go to google.com and search “Juliet Casablancas” in the images search. Was it that hard?

    ..and I totally respect her. shes woman enough for Julian, I wouldn’t have preferred him with any other woman besides Juliet.

  11. oh what is she famous for?????? they look good together but i would look better with him lol kidding i am happy for them if they are married

  12. I really can’t see that photo!! please if somebody has seen a picture of them puts how please, and the one to put “juliet casablancas “didn’t work its just one little picture of her on profile

  13. I think its great. I think Juliet is great. Im glad he didnt hook up with some bimbo retarded psycho whore. Hes a legend.


  14. ohhh please..put a photo of both hugging!!! I can’t see any photo on google…

    The curiosity has no limit.

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