One In the Buff One In Cuffs

Lucian Freud’s painting “Naked Portrait 2002” will go up for auction at Christie’s London on February 9 and is projected to pull in 3.5 GBP (CORRECTION: We meant 3.5 million GBP). The life-sized portrait’s supermodel sitter is none other than a pregnant-a-the-time Kate Moss.

In other news, Moss’s former (?) fling Pete Doherty of the Libertines has once again found himself in the slammer. This time for beating up unofficial Babyshambles documentarian Max Carlish.

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  1. unless 3.5 GBP means 3.5 MILLION GBP, it’s more like 5 US dollars dude
    closer to 7 considering the exchange rate right now

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