Whirlwind Heat @ CBGB’s Downstairs

Whirlwind Heat @ CBGB’s Downstairs was great! I missed them when they opened for the White Stripes in April, so it was long overdue. Wearing black and white Twiggy t-shirts, black pants, and white shoes, they were totally stylin’. Lead singer David Swanson is basically out of control, screaming into the mic, rolling on the floor, jumping couches and tying bassist Steve Damstra’s shoelaces together mid-song. “Decal on My Sticker” is better live than it is recorded! That bass line! Phew!

The crowd was sprinkled with people you might’ve recognized. (The first thought running through my head outside CB’s was, “Hahahah. Right now there are 10, 000 NME-reading British kids who’d crap their pants.”) You figure out on your own who may or may not have been there. I mean really, where WERE you anyway? You should’ve come. We missed you. I tried calling you, but you weren’t picking up your phone. Were you still at Beck?

Bringing the show to a grand finale was The Soledad Brothers. No less than fantastic of course. Johnny Walker was all about running his guitar along the metal posts to produce radical noise. And radical noise is what it’s all about, right? How about radical noise with a blue plastic-handled comb? What about radical noise produced by hump-like (yeah, I just used the word (?) hump-like. Deal.) motions? As Hoggboy would say, “yeah man!” (except I say it without that British accent thing).

I also saw The Agenda and that other band whose name I’ll look up later.

Dude- my eyes are fucking burning and I’m really tired. I’m gonna feel/look like S-H-I-T tonight… but I’m still BEN SWANK AND LOVIN’ IT!