I’ve been so lax with shows and tickets… anyone have extra for: Haven- Oct 7, Merc OR The Streets- Oct 27/8 (?), Merc? Mail me, please… now that I know how to check my e-mail. I know someone out there works for Capitol (Haven are on Capitol, right???) and/or Vice.

Now that the cat is properly out of the bag, despite what people who work for MTV will tell you…: THE WHITE STRIPES OCTOBER 1, 2002 UNION SQUARE, NYC 12 NOON F-R-E-E All the cool kids are ditching work and school. Be there or be a Richie Cunningham. If I see you wearing an obvious […]

Dudes and Dudettes- ARTROCKER NOW HAS A WEBSITE! If you haven’t heard of the little mailout that could, well here is your chance to get caught up, you big fat loser! Coming from of the sassiest, snarkiest limeys that side of the Atlantic, ArtRocker is a weekly music text-fest. And I have been known to […]

THE “E-MAIL NOTE” I MIGHT HAVE TALKED ABOUT IN… ER… ONE OF MY E-MAILS TODAY OH MY GOD. Something was messed up with my e-mail, so if you e-mailed me in the LAST 2 WEEKS and I haven’t responded, I wasn’t blowing you off! I just realized something was wrong now… I mean I thought […]

Coldplay to perform on the MTV Europe Music Awards… Host (and Coldplay fan… for real!) is P.Diddy. From the SR mailing list: Sigur Rós have spraypainted a mural on a wall in laugavegur, the main shopping street in reykjavík. the wall is located next to the band’s favourite record store in reykjavík, hljómalind. when ágætis […]