Coldplay @ Bowery Ballroom, August 12, 2002 = Totally Amazing

So the Coldplay show… Gallaghers aside, it was amazing. I keep singing “The Scientist” over and over in my head (ok- that and the Nelly song, because IT’S GETTING HOT IN HERE, SO TAKE OFF ALL YOUR CLOTHES).

Chris made 3 wardrobe changes… he was wearing the Chairman Mao jacket, then the Make Trade Free black tee, then he came out in the white long-sleeved polo. His hair looked hot. Chris was on fire, baby. I was hardly watching anything else but Mr. Chris Martin.

Jonny played the harmonica during “Don’t Panic,” yay!

We all held the vomit when they decided to do a Romeo and Juliet thing for Chris and Gwyneth during.. uh… what song was that? It was just so so fantastic. Wish you could have been there.