Albert Hammond Jr. Drives the BBS Gurlz Crazy

Oh, I also have to state how the Strokes Message board has gone shit ass crazy ever since Albert started posting on Friday. Simma everyone. Simma.

Need I mention how cool it was that Albert wore a Yeah Yeah Yeahs pin on SNL? Rock on, my man!

Also, Left-side people and Euro-trash: The Vue go on tour with BRMC and team up w/ some regional acts (including the Detroit Cobras).

On the Golden Globes, is it just me, or does everyone look insanely skinny in the pictures? Flockhart and Parker looked like they came straight out of grade school. It’s like everyone stopped eating because Portia de Rossi ate their food. Kate looked normal.. but I don’t know what Cate was wearing. Kate Hudson showed off her minus A-cup and MacDowell showed of her new plastic knockers. Thora looks good from a distance, but upclose she looked sorta lumpy.

German tennis boy Tommy Haas. No comment.

Ronan gives Boyzone the cold shoulder… the lame-os carry on without their star blond boy.

The WS down under.