Jack Black vs. Jack White

I just realized. Jack Black, action hero. Jack White, rock hero. I wonder what Jack Red, Blue and Green are doing. Probably rockin’ out somewhere.

You know what else? I figured out who Jack White’s voice reminds me of. The enjoyable Vince Vaughn. Both of them need to be on Ritalin. Bless.

Music of the Moment: “Screwdriver,” The White Stripes (John Peel Session); “Push It,” Stereo Total; “Since I Left You,” The Avalanches; “A Stroke of Genius,” Christina Aguilera vs. The Strokes, “Tie Up My Hands,” Starsailor.

4 replies on “Jack Black vs. Jack White”

  1. This is a very late comment, but I think it’s funny that Jack’s voice reminds you of Vince Vaughn’s… I don’t hear it, but sometimes when Jack is talking I swear he sounds like Jimmy Fallon.

    There’s my two cents.

  2. I hear it’s amazing what happens when you stick your tongue in an electrical socket while whispering the esoteric hymns of Early Christanity on the celestial tumor of glory upon the rockx0rsz of flying turtle shit, piled six and two quarters high, ya sons of asses.

  3. My penis is red, possibly infected. Kiss it, bang bang, and make it better. Where did all the giants go, after all?

  4. Who said I love Jack White like a little brother? Pervs, that’s fucking beat-down Japanorock, fallen down and beaten up, in this mystical state of tomorrow sciscors (spelled wrong to show that spelling seven is easy).

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