The Secret Behind Starsailor

Ahem. The Moldy Peaches and The Walkmen and Mink Lungs and Calla at N6, Feb 17.

I’m in heaven. God bless! I’m still looking for a band photography website/ blog from London though… My question about the Gorillaz picture is… which one is the graffiti?

Let’s have a hug. We’re gonna need it after re-reading the infamous “rape his granny” Mogwai interview. Dear lord. Whatever happened to Brian Molko?

For those of you that want to get your hands on that Starsailor “Poormisguided Fool” remix, have no fear- it’s on the CD/DVD which comes out March 18th in the UK.

Also check out the truth behind Starsailor’s A&R Granny… it’s James’s Gran! …. and from the Starsailor message board, someone in Chi-town reports, “They played great. James stopped and said ‘I had a dream last night and it didn’t have The Strokes in it.'” Uhh… yeah. Are all of y’all asking him about The Strokes out there?

Starsailor and Spector

And as I’m sure you’ve heard… Starsailor and Phil Spector, blah blah blah.

I’m sorry for the massive SS overload. It can’t be helped. They’re all over the place.

The D on “Last Call.” Will Carson Daly hit on JB?

Music of the moment: “Running Girl,” Ooberman

Close Encounters of a Walkmen Kind

So today I was in Other Music and I headed over toward the S-W section, walking between this girl that worked there and some guy. So the girl goes over to the Ws and starts talking about The Walkmen. She reads the description that’s on the little piece of paper about the EP. So it’s all good stuff and whatever and she’s like “and it’s all true” and the guy nods, and I’m like “yeah, The Walkmen are really good.” He’s like “thanks… I put out that record.” I’m like “Oh. Cool. Yeah, they’re real good.” He’s like, “yeah, they’re playing on the 26th.” I’m like, “Yeah, I know… put me on the list, man! Hahahha.” He mumbled something and I didn’t hear, so I was like “what?” He mumbled again and I just was like, “Um ok.” Then I heard the StarTime dude and the girl talking about The French Kicks and also about a possible Walkie in-store when the LP comes out (March 26). Hmmm….

Incidentally, check the new Walkie mp3, Revenge Wears No Wristwatch they got up at ST.

What’s the deal with the Weezer tribute album?

Music of the moment: “Into the Void,” NIN

The Walkmen Morph Into Animals

Honestly, you don’t know how many times I’ve thought, “Gee, I wonder what it would look like if Peter Bauer morphed into an ostrich and Matt Barrick morphed into a hawk.” Thank god my prayers were answered!

Ewwwww…. James breaks my heart by teaming up with Ryan Adams. Oh how cruel these Brits can be.

In a horrifying Almost Famous Russell Hammond moment, Alfie guitarist Ian Smith was electrocuted. Astrid still went on to play that night.

In Wussy Brit Arena Rock news, Fran Healy is ready to give up making sappy music and go full on into sissyhood by fathering some babies. About time he came around. No word on whether or not Dougie and Andy will be joining the Old Married Men Club within the next few months.

Other Music Employees Give Props to NYC

Special holiday messages from Olly and Gale and The Cooper Temple Clause (come and play New York, next time).

Check out what our favorite local record shop geeks have on their top 10 lists. NOTE TO Nick Follett (OM Cambridge) : I heart that you heart The Walkmen… I’ll overlook the fact you have Michael Jackson on your list- one of my top 10 things that needed to die in 2001. And Nicole Lang (OM NYC) has the best explanation for picking the Hard to Explain EP, “1..2..3..4 NEH, NEH, NEH, NEH, NEH, NEH, NEH, NEH, NEH, NEH, NEH,
WheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeoooooooooooooooooWheeeoooWheeeooWheeeoo “

Hooray for Jack Black

Concert update… The Walkmen are opening up for G vs B Jan 26. at Bowery, 21+ (damnit). The Faint hit the Bowery on the 31 Jan (just might have to be a hipster and go and throw something at the band).

I watched Untitled (aka- the “bootleg” version of Almost Famous) on DVD today. God, I love Philip Hoffman and that movie.

And to the kid that was wearing The D shirt at the show on Thursday (Mark from LI?… hook me up with the SNL, bro) – JACK BLACK RULES! (I just saw an ad for Orange County.)