The Vines, The Hives, and The Kinks

Every time I wear my Ikara Colt t-shirt random people ask me what “extreme close up gesture” means… like librarians and doctors. It’s weird.

3 is the number of times I heard someone call The Vines THE HIVES last night.
What the hell is wrong with you hipsters? You can’t keep the damn band names straight. There was some girl that came straight up, dead serious, to me and Ben and was like “DO YOU HAVE TICKETS TO THE HIVES?” I was like “hoooolyyy fucccckk.” I couldn’t stop laughing.

I forgot to mention The Vines were on Conan last night, didn’t I? Oops. They re-air Conan a week after the original airdate at like 3am on NBC in NY. (Craig loves Conan!) Figure it out.

I’m so psyched- I took out Hey Dude, Where’s My Car?.

Music of the moment: Highly Evolved, The Vines; BBC Sessions 1964-1997, The Kinks