CMJ 2010: Day 4 – The Babies, La Sera, and Neon Indian

I’ll admit, by Day 4 I was hurting a little, so I took it relatively easy with a night filled with some low-key shows.

First stop was to catch The Babies, featuring Vivian Girls’ Cassie Ramone, at the FADER Fort on the Lower East Side which was sponsored by… er… hmm… I can’t seem to remember…

Next stop was Pianos to see another Vivian Girl with VG bassist Katy Goodman’s side project, La Sera, but with this group Katy gets the spotlight as front woman. Strongly influenced by ’60 girl pop, with lovely melodies and a cheery vibe, the three piece was truly charming.

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The Babies @ Fader Fort

My phone keeps wanting to autocorrect “Fader” to “Faderlabel.” WTF is “Faderlabel” and why is it on my phone autocorrect?

Anyways, starting the night out at Fader Fort. My tired feet in heeled boots appreciates the industrial carpeting.

The bad news is I already had my first drunk of the night knock into me.