Starsailor, Tenacious D, and Today’s Web Searches

The Starsailor lads get exposure in US music industry bible, Billboard. No earth-shattering news on the Chorley-boy front. We already knew they were coming back to the US in late Feb- early March to do a headlining tour, right?

And just because I feel like it… The “Fuck Her Gently” video.

Ah.. memories of The Strokes circa… um.. December.

Brian wanted it to be known that Bipolar is finally up and running again, after falling to the wayside earlier this month. Check it.

Today’s favorite web searches for this site include: “ryan adams gay” and “does james walsh of starsailor have a girlfriend?” (sorry ladies and gents, he does… last time we checked)

The Secret Behind Starsailor

Ahem. The Moldy Peaches and The Walkmen and Mink Lungs and Calla at N6, Feb 17.

I’m in heaven. God bless! I’m still looking for a band photography website/ blog from London though… My question about the Gorillaz picture is… which one is the graffiti?

Let’s have a hug. We’re gonna need it after re-reading the infamous “rape his granny” Mogwai interview. Dear lord. Whatever happened to Brian Molko?

For those of you that want to get your hands on that Starsailor “Poormisguided Fool” remix, have no fear- it’s on the CD/DVD which comes out March 18th in the UK.

Also check out the truth behind Starsailor’s A&R Granny… it’s James’s Gran! …. and from the Starsailor message board, someone in Chi-town reports, “They played great. James stopped and said ‘I had a dream last night and it didn’t have The Strokes in it.'” Uhh… yeah. Are all of y’all asking him about The Strokes out there?

Starsailor and Spector

And as I’m sure you’ve heard… Starsailor and Phil Spector, blah blah blah.

I’m sorry for the massive SS overload. It can’t be helped. They’re all over the place.

The D on “Last Call.” Will Carson Daly hit on JB?

Music of the moment: “Running Girl,” Ooberman

Tenacious D @ Virgin Megastore Union Square

Photographic evidence of the mania:

I think I see something
That sign says 'We want you to fuck us softly'

JB gives the evil eye

another satisfied customer!

Some dude asked if he could videotape this girl’s chest. So he was taping…I saw an opportunity. “Can I take a picture of your chest?” I asked. She was only too happy to oblige stating to her friend, “See, it’s not just guys. Girls are asking to take pictures too.”

I think the D did like 3 or 4 songs (“Hornet’s Nest,” “Tribute” being some of them)… JB said they’d sign boobs and booty (I forget the exact terms he used), so as you can see, some people took it literally. Don’t worry, I didn’t put up the picture of some guy getting his gut signed. I spared you the pain.

Whoops, Did I Fall Asleep During Starsailor?

Hi, I’m retarded and I have no recollection of James singing this song at the Bowery show. Apparently it’s an original.. and James DID play harmonica during the “acoustic bit.” Shit. He did sing this, didn’t he?

Starsailor on the MTV: “MTV is scheduled to feature the band in a segment on their show BANGING THE CHARTS, which will air at 5 PM (ET) this Friday, January 18.”

And The D: “NYC D Fans! Meet The D On 1/21!
Tenacious D will be doing an in store
at the Virgin Megastore in Union Square
this Monday January 21 at 3pm.
Monday is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day,
so spend the day by coming
on down to see the D perform
and get them to autograph your album!”