Candlepin Bowling in Maine

Earlier this month I headed north with a bunch of friends and spent Labor Day weekend up in the glorious state of Maine. What a beautiful place! We rented a house in Rockport and with the threat of Hurricane Earl rearing his ugly head the next day, we decided to take in some local flavor by heading to the nearby candlepin bowling alley for some good ol’ fashioned fun.

I’d never been candlepin bowling before, and let me tell you, it is way more fun than regular bowling. No sticking your fingers in disgustingly grimy bowling balls — you just pick up the hand-sized balls and try to knock down the ten little pins.

The place was empty — except for a young wedding party who had rented out arcade. When the newlyweds and co left, we basically had the run of the place. We bowled for at least two hours, with the total bill coming to a whopping 20 some odd dollars.
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