Very Pregnant M.I.A. Appears on Tavis Smiley

On Wednesday night, a very preggers M.I.A. made an appearance on the PBS show Tavis Smiley. She happily showed off her protruding baby bump, and her due date (around Grammy night, February 8th), and her entrapment in L.A. (she’s too far along to fly).


She also talked about her concern about the situation in her homeland Sri Lanka, speaking out about the genocide occurring in the country and the censorship of the media. She also speaks about her work on Slumdog Millionaire.

M.I.A. looks absolutely stunning
, what a gorgeous and beautiful (not to mention talented and intelligent) pregnant woman!

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Revealed in Concert: M.I.A. Is DEFINITELY Pregnant!

There were a lot of amazing moments at tonight’s Diesel 30th Birthday bash in Brooklyn’s DUMBO, but probably the most surprising was when British hip hop star M.I.A. joined T.I. onstage, only to reveal a very VERY big baby bump hanging over her acid wash jeans! (See photo below.)


There is absolutely no denying it, she has GOT to be preggers… if she is NOT pregnant, dear lord, that is one hell of a beer belly!

It’s safe to assume that the father is M.I.A.’s fiance, Benjamin Brewer (son of Warner Music Chairman Edgar Bronfman).
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