Saw “The Master” This Weekend…Eh

So I saw The Master yesterday at Nitehawk in Williamsburg, BK while stuffing my face with Nitehawk queso, a Nitehawk burger with tots, and croquettes. (What? The movie was 2 hours and 15 minutes long — what did you want me to do, starve?)

Despite what you may have read on the internet, I did not see this movie because I was wooed by some arty trailer campaign, I saw it because of my love for Philip Seymour Hoffman (in the early 2000s, I may or may not have ran a PSH fan page), Jessie Plemons (LANDRY 4 EVA!), and Joaquin Phoenix. Although I liked There Will Be Blood (cell phone ringing in the theater and all), I’ve never been a huge Paul Thomas Anderson fan.

And after seeing The Master, I can’t say he’s won me over yet. Although many critics have gone gaga over the film, I’m in the camp of Richard Corless of “Time” magazine, who originally titled his review “There Will Be Boredom.” Although visually beautiful, with some great moments, but the film ultimately fell flat by the end of the film. Boooo.

Two thumbs indifferent.

Watch the trailer… if you must:

All about Eddie

A little PSH moment for y’all (It’s totally been so long since I’ve seen the Hoffman… over a year!) courtesy of The Drifter.

Music of the moment: The Velvet Goldmine soundtrack (in honor of Ewan‘s hot eyeliner look… snatched from Eddie Izzard?… speaking of.. Which Eddie Are You? I am: Surreal Izzard: You talk bollocks all the time, and don’t care who knows it. You are King Pig from Hell, and talk to strange people on buses. Your underwear is conspiring against you, and if James Mason was here, he’d have something to say about it. And that something would be WEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOO).

Hooray for Jack Black

Concert update… The Walkmen are opening up for G vs B Jan 26. at Bowery, 21+ (damnit). The Faint hit the Bowery on the 31 Jan (just might have to be a hipster and go and throw something at the band).

I watched Untitled (aka- the “bootleg” version of Almost Famous) on DVD today. God, I love Philip Hoffman and that movie.

And to the kid that was wearing The D shirt at the show on Thursday (Mark from LI?… hook me up with the SNL, bro) – JACK BLACK RULES! (I just saw an ad for Orange County.)