Gerard Way on the Cover of NME

I love the new NME cover featuring My Chemical Romance‘s Gerard Way w/ his flaming red hair. Notice, it’s the same color palate as this website? How could I not fall in love with it?

If you haven’t seen the “Na Na Na” music video, you need to. It’s geniusly campy and cartoony. Love My Chem.

Yes, I will be buying their new album “Danger Days” on 11/22/10 and singing and dancing along to it in front of my bedroom mirror for the next 3 months.

Emo Crush: Gerard Way Talking About Umbrella Academy

I know many of you just DO NOT CARE about anything vaguely emo, but since I’ve kind of thrown So More Scene by the wayside, this needs to go on here.

I love Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance. He’s so dishy. Here he is at the Watchmen premiere (My Chem does a cover version of “Desolation Road”…yes, it’s awful, but I love it anyway), talking about his own comic project, the Umbrella Academy: