March Madness: Guided By Voices and The Strokes @ The Apollo

In 2001, The Strokes offered fans a way to ring in the new year with them with a special pair of shows co-headlined with Guided By Voices at the world-famous Apollo Theater in Harlem.

I remember going to the Dec 30th show and totally freaking out over Ryan Adams being there with Meg White. That’s right – The Strokes, Ryan Adams, and Meg White all in the same room. It’s a miracle my brain didn’t explode right then and there.

Meg White Married Jackson Smith (and Little Jack Got Hitched As Well)

According to the official White Stripes website, this weekend White Stripes drummer Meg White and her fiance Jackson Smith officially tied the knot as part of a double wedding staged in Jack White‘s backyard in Nashville, TN. Smith is the son of rockers Patti Smith and Fred (Sonic) Smith (MC5) and was the guitarist in the recently disbanded Detroit group Back in Spades.

The May 22nd wedding also served as a ceremony to Raconteurs and Dead Weather bassist Jack “Little Jack” Lawrence to his girlfriend Jo McCaughey.

The couples were wed by former Soledad Brothers‘ drummer, and long time White Stripes friend, Benjamin (Ben) Swank.

Congratulations to the happy couples!

FUN FACT: Ben Swank was the inspiration behind the Von Bondies song “Been Swank.”

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White Stripes Record New Songs, New Album Next Year

According to a new Music Radar interview with Jack White, it looks as though the White Stripes will soon be back together, releasing an album sometime in the near future–possibly next year.


White told Music Radar’s Joe Bosso that the Stripes had begun working on some new tunes even prior to their February 20th performance on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, “We had recorded a couple of songs at the new studio,” said White. When asked when fans could expect the duo to return back to recording White responded, “I talked to [Meg] about coming by when I was done in the summer rehearsing with The Dead Weather – I won’t be done in the summer touring with them, but after the summer jaunt.”
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White Stripes’ Meg White to Marry Jackson Smith

OMG: This just in! Two members of well-known Detroit musical families are about to combine! Miss Meg White, best known as the drummer of The White Stripes is set to marry fellow Detroit resident Jackson Smith on May 22 in Nashville, TN.

Mr. Jackson Smith is the son of rockers Patti Smith and Fred (Sonic) Smith (MC5) and is the guitarist in the was the guitarist in the recently disbanded Detroit group Back in Spades.

According to the Detroit Free Press the couple became close with one another last summer and currently live together in Meg’s house in Detroit and were engaged several weeks ago.

Meg White playing drums with the White Stripes @ Bowery Ballroom in 2002.
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VIDEO: White Stripes Perform on Conan O’Brien’s Last Late Night Show

As previously reported, the White Stripes appeared as the final musical guest on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. The duo, who previously had not performed live together in years, deviated from their standard set up of guitar and drums and instead Jack and Meg whipped out a pair of guitars to perform a slow, sweet version of “We Are Going to Be Friends.”


In introducing the band, Conan said he was “personally thrilled” that the group was performing for his last episode on Late Night.

Dressed in the standard color palate of red, white, and black, Jack and Meg stood side by side behind an old fashioned microphone. Jack, clothed in all black, took the lead by playing a white and red acoustic guitar and Meg, who wore a long white and red flower print prairie dress strummed along with an electric guitar using distortion.

As the Stripes sung out the last lines of the tune, “I can tell that we are going to be friends,” both Jack and Meg looked up and sang to one another. At the finish of the song, Conan came over to thank them, and while shaking hands with Jack, he leaned over and said that their performance “meant the world to me.”

Did you see the set? If so, what did you think of the WS reunion?

Missed the spot? Have no fear, the internets is here:

You can watch the entire episode on

CONFIRMED: White Stripes Play Once More for Conan’s Last Show in NYC

You’ve heard the rumors about the White Stripes possibly performing on Conan’s last show as host of Late Night on NBC. The rumors are true! The New York Times reports:

Jack White and Meg White, the rock duo better known as the White Stripes, will reunite to perform on the Feb. 20 broadcast of NBC’s “Late Night with Conan O’Brien,” the band’s publicist said in an e-mail message. The show is Mr. O’Brien’s final episode as host of “Late Night” before Jimmy Fallon, the “Saturday Night Live” star, takes over on March 2; Mr. O’Brien becomes host of NBC’s “Tonight” show on June 1.

Who else is excited?!?!

The last time the duo performed together was in 2007.

This, unlike Ryan’s announcement = GOOD BDAY NEWS.

Jack White and/or The White Stripes on Conan, Feb 20

According to the interwebs, Jack White and/or The White Stripes will be guests on the Late Night with Conan O’Brien show here in NYC. Waiting for confirmation from a more reliable source…

As you may recall, The White Stripes have had a long love affair with Conan, appearing on his show multiple times, and even featuring him in their video for “Denial Twist”:

Thanks to O. for the head’s up.

Meg White’s Drum Kit: $5,100 and Climbing

Just a reminder, Meg White‘s peppermint striped drum kit featured in “The Hardest Button to Button” is currently on auction on eBay as part of the fundraiser for Jim Shaw.


The current bidding price is $5,100, but the reserve has not been met yet.

According to the latest update on the eBay auction:

“Meg White is offering a personal special gift surprise to the actual winner of the Drum Kit. Also she is stopping by with a signed letter of authenticity. once i receive the letter i will post it to this auction.”


Meg and Jack White Auction Off Drum Kit for Jim Shaw

This just in, NME reports Jack and Meg White have donated the drum kit used in the White Stripes’ “The Hardest Button to Button” video (directed by Michel Gondry) in order to raise money for Detroit music scene legend Jim Shaw, who was recently diagnosed with cancer.

The kit (seen below), which is only being auctioned on eBay in an online store set up in Jim Shaw’s name, will have a view at the silent auction art show at Cpop Gallery in Detroit, MI on Saturday, February 7th, 6-9PM.


The Jim Shaw Fundraiser will culminate with a movie and music event at the Magic Stick at 8 PM. Bands playing include Meltdowns, Fondas, The Go, Pizazz, Gardens, Human Eye, Space heaters Druid Perfume, Smashed Windows, Greg Cartwright, Dial Tones, Tyvek, Dan Kroha. Tickets are a suggested minimum donation of $10.
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