Back from My Vacation!

I took a much-needed vacation last week to Ocean City, Maryland. (I know, not as glamorous as say… the Riviera or Belize… but there was a beach!)

Sure it looks warm but it was freeeeezzziinnnnggg

I got to freeze my buttocks off by the seaside. (Beaches are not perpetually warm… even in September.) I felt the strongest winds of my life, which made the sand feel like a million little tetanus shots pricking my bare legs. The gusts of winds were so strong, that while I was riding a bike down the boardwalk, I went a length of about 30 blocks without pedaling ONCE (I kid you not!).

I saw some *interesting* things when I headed “downtown”…

Perhaps they have these kind of shirts all across beach towns in the US, but all I could say was OMGWTF?
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