DJ Mark Webber?

Heeeey…. at the Pub tonight: “* Personality DJ Series with Actor Mark Webber *
Show(s) at 11:00 PM , Tickets by: Cash at Door

Spend an intimate evening with weekly guest DJ’s from different walks of life. Photographers, hoteliers, artists, socialites, musicians, assorted low-lifes and high-rollers share their personal musical tastes. Sponsored by Gotham Magazine and Smirnoff Vodka. Tonight features Mark Webber who has worked with Al Pacino, Woody Allen, and is now appearing in Todd Solondz new movie “Storytelling,” and is now hitting the decks at Joe’s Pub. There’s no stopping this kid.”


And Tina Brown… talks about Talk on Charlie Rose.

People I Like Today

Dude- Thora Birch ROCKS. Just on this little Golden Globes re-hash thing on Leno, the “funny” guy asks Birch, “Who do you think will go home with Russell Crowe tonight?” and Birch is all like, “Haha. I have a really good come-back, but I don’t think I should.” “Funny” guy is all, “No, tell us.” Birch is all ok alright, “Who’s the youngest one here?” HAhahaha. We like Birch. She cool.

We really like Mark Webber a lot, but he looked kinda weird and skinny and scruffy at Sundance.