Hold Me Closer Tiny Jeans Wearing Alt. Country Posterboy

Oh yeah.. as reported last year, Ryan Adams is having his dad- I mean Elton John– play a purple-clad wizard in his new video for “The Weight.” Oh wait.. I mean “Answering Bell.” Adams has a smootch-fest with Leona Naess in the mini-opus as well. You remember Leona Naess from the Travis The Man Who tour. Irving Plaza, 2000. Remember how you laughed through her entire set because her pants were too tight for her butt? No? Are you sure? Ok. Or maybe it was because you were talking about step-mommy Diana Ross? No? Ok be that way.

Adams also pulled out of doing a lot of press work. Guess stringing along a cattle-herd of ladies makes a young Alt-country stud get run down. (Leona, honey- watch out on the tour!)

It’s official. Ryan Adams is a music video whore.

Speaking of music video whores… Some old school interview with Rufus “I know Gwen Stefani” Wainwright circa Rufus Wainwright (this was before they made that rule about automatically winning a VMA if you had a Stefani-featured vid). The Adams-Wainwright connection? Both are chums with Beth “Get out of my way, I need to get to the backstage door” Orton.

Music of the moment: The Man Who, Travis; “Disco 2000,” Pulp; “Murder on the Dancefloor,” Sophie Ellis Bextor.