VIDEO: Keane’s “Silenced By the Night”

Need I remind you that my mom loves Keane?

I’m sure she’s already seen the new video for “Silenced By the Night,” the first single off their upcoming album, Strangeland (May 8th), but maybe you haven’t.

See below for a complete list of Keane North American tour dates:

June 12th Boston, MA House of Blues
June 14th N. Bethesda, MD Music Center At Strathmore
June 15th New York, NY Beacon Theatre – SOLD OUT
June 16th Philadelphia, PA Merriam Theater
June 18th Montreal, QC Olympia de Montreal
June 19th Toronto, ON The Sound Academy
June 21st Nashville, TN. Marathon Music Works
June 22nd Chicago, IL The Vic
June 23rd Milwaukee, WI Pabst Theater
June 25th Denver, CO Paramount Theater
June 26th Salt Lake City, UT The Gallivan Center
June 29th Los Angeles, CA The Orpheum Theatre – SOLD OUT
June 30th Oakland, CA The Fox Theater

Keane Make Waves at the Williamsburg Waterfront

Long-time readers already know that whenever I mention the word “Keane,” a mention of my mom couldn’t be too far behind. As I’ve explained over and over on this site, my mom LOVES Keane. Basically every time Keane is within the tri-state area I get an email from my mom alerting me of the concert and a request that I get tickets for her to go to the show.

We’ve already been to Keane shows at Radio City and Bowery Ballroom in Manhattan, but I was pretty excited to find out that my next Keane-venture would be in Brooklyn at the very beautiful Williamsburg Waterfront venue which has a fantastic view of Manhattan across the East River.

The weather was perfect — warm, but not sweaty, with a cool breeze. The crowd was in high spirits. By the time Keane came on stage I think my mom had already worked herself to the third or fourth row of the crowd. Singer Tom Chaplin was looking a bit like a ’50s greaser, with a shortly cropped ‘do, skinny black jeans, black and yellow Fred Perry polo shirt, and slim light-colored sneakers.
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Keane Encores Again and Again at Radio City

Longtime readers will remember that my mom loves Keane. So who else could I take to the Keane show at Radio City tonight but my mommy dearest? The show, with its long set, and multiple (two) encores clocked it at nearly one hour and a half long—that’s 90 minutes of sheer happiness for my mom.

I’ll admit, there’s a bit of a twinge of teenage angst that goes along with bringing Mom to a concert—especially when my mom starts to dance along to the music (“Mom! You’re embarrassing me in front of all my friends!,” I mentally shout.)—but as a whole it’s a fun time taking my mom to see one of her favorite bands (aka Keane or Coldplay).

For me, one of the best part of going to see a show with my mom is that unlike my regular concert companions, who like me go to shows on a weekly basis and are completely jaded/spoiled by it all, my mom is genuinely excited about nearly everything involving the concert. Her reaction reminds me a lot of what I was like as a teenager going to see Alanis Morissette at Jones Beach, or say Duncan Sheik at a Virgin Megastore Instore.

Mom gets really pumped up about going, often calling me up the night before to say that she “just can’t wait” for the show and that she’s been listening to the new album non-stop. And when she gets there she’s super interested in buying some of the merch so she can show it off to all her friends at work the next day. And forget about when the actual concert starts—Mom is literally jumping up and down and clapping her hands.

Crappy cellphone photo: There’s a band on stage, I swear.

So to say the least, my mom really really really enjoyed Keane’s performance tonight—and I’ll admit, I enjoyed quite a bit of it myself. As I’ve noted before, Keane fans are particularly excited about being at the show, as displayed by the eruption of thunderous cheers and applause that sprung up as soon as the lights went down and the band took the stage.
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Is It Any Wonder that My Mom Loves Keane?

There is no way I could write a better review of Keane’s show at Bowery Ballroom on Friday night than what Chris has already written on, so I’m not even going to try.

What I will say is that the crowd was absolutely amazing and the band had so much energy. I’ve never seen Keane before, so I was quite intrigued with lead singer Tom Chaplin’s impassioned stage roaming. (We’re talking deep knee bends, hoisting up the mic stand so that the audience could sing into the microphone, running from one side of the stage to the other, etc.)

The audience waved their arms in the air, Tom touched shook and touched so many hands in the front row I thought he was a Presidential nominee, he sung directly to people at the front of the stage (see photo below), and there was NON-STOP cheering between the time when the lads got off the stage and when they came back for an encore.

keane bowery ballroom

So beloved were Keane at this show that no one seemed to be bothered by Tom’s often awkward stage banter where he rattled off babbling, detailed descriptions of the songs they are about to play as if he was giving a book report. (Sorry Tom, I don’t need to know that “A Bad Dream” is the number one song off the album that people tell you that they “connect with”…let the songs speak and connect for themselves!) There was SUCH a bond between the trio and the audience members that Tom thanked the crowd for giving the band the “perfect night in New York City.” Aw shucks, I bet you tell that to all the sold out venues!

Also, you may remember that I wrote about how my mom loves Keane and that I really wanted her to go to the show. Well as luck had it, I managed to get a ticket for her and my mom was SO PSYCHED. I was amazed as I watched my mom sing along to so many of the songs during the show. I was like, “how does my mom know all the lyrics?!!?” When I went home this weekend I opened the CD player to pop something in, and what was in there? Keane’s new album, Under the Iron Sea. My mom knew that they played a free show at Borders earlier in the day, and my mom was also the one who first spotted the guys on the street as they got out of their car and piled into Bowery.


I’m so happy she got to go. They are her favorite band since…you guessed it…Coldplay.

Celebs who also were there to see Keane: Zach Braff (sans Mandy Moore) and Donald Faison of “Scrubs”, Fran Healy of Travis, Mike Myers, Amy Sedaris, and (allegedly) members of Snow Patrol.

Here was the setlist, according to the kids on the Keane BB:

The Iron Sea / Put It Behind You/ Nothing In My Way/ Bend and Break/ We Might as Well Be Strangers/ Everybody’s Changing/ Try Again/ Leaving So Soon/ Hamburg Song/ Can’t Stop Now/ Somewhere Only We Know/ A Bad Dream/ This Is the Last Time/ Is It Any Wonder? ENCORE: Atlantic/ Crystal Ball/ Bedshaped

keane bowery ballroom

keane bowery ballroom

keane bowery ballroom

keane bowery ballroom

keane bowery ballroom

More Keane photos on Flickr.