More From the “Venison”/Strokes Show @ Dingwalls Last Night

Some more internet finds from the intimate gig last night. And for everyone who keeps pointing out that The Strokes are doing these gigs “just for the money,” Adam Green says otherwise in the latest issue of NME: “I think Julian Casablancas only said they were doing this summer’s festival shows for the money to […]

VIDEO: The Strokes Perform as “Venison” @ Dingwalls, London 6/9/10

As y’all probably know, The Strokes marked their comeback to live performance in four years with a not-so-secret secret show at the tiny club Dingwalls in London, UK tonight, playing under the name “Venison”. The 500-capacity venue was packed to the gills with fans, industry folks, and even Coldplay’s Chris Martin. Some super lucky superfans […]

Lady Gaga Was Never Going to Be the Next Julian Casablancas

One of the things that made me laugh the hardest whilst reading the New York Magazine feature on the making of Lady Gaga was the fact that La Gaga was more or less discovered because circa 2006, a producer named Rob Fusari was “interested in locating a female singer to front a band like the […]

Julian Casablancas @ The Fillmore, March 24th

Just catching up now on ze blogging. A few nights ago I had the pleasure of catching the Julian Casablancas show @ The Fillmore at Irving Plaza for the 101.9 RXP Second Anniversary show. As you can probably tell from the lack of updates on this site, I haven’t been the *best* at keeping up […]

Casablancas and Samberg Bring “Boombox” to Life on SNL

If you follow me on Facebook / Twitter, you probably noticed how I totally freaked out last night when absentmindedly watching SNL with host Jude Law. (This was after my earlier freak out in the evening when I saw actor (and celebrity blogger) Michael Kenneth Williams — aka “Omar Little” from The Wire — playing […]

Julian Casablancas Swaggers, Sings, and Causes Swooning @ Terminal 5

UPDATE: Ok, so in talking about the show with some old Strokes fan friends, people have express surprise at the fact that I enjoyed the show so much because…well, it’s just not the same without all the other Strokes. To that point I say this: No, it’s not The Strokes, but in my opinion, Julian […]

Julian Casablancas Talks Eats Momofuku and Talks about Child Rearing in NYC

Check out the interview Julian did with Jada Yuan in the latest issue of New York magazine. (The interview isn’t bad, the title of the store, “Different Stroke,” is quite unfortunate…) Over a steaming bowl of pork ramen at Momofuku, Julian talks briefly about some of the issues that have plagued the Strokes in the […]

Julian Casablancas Performs “Out of the Blue” on Letterman

Behold, a leather-clad Julian Casablancas performs “Out of the Blue” on Letterman: Did you smile when Julian broke out his classic lapel-grabbing move? What about the blank stares into the distance? It’s good to have JC back in action! Perhaps the best performance yet? Thoughts?

VIDEO: Julian Casablancas “11th Dimension”

If you haven’t figured it out by now, Julian Casablancas‘s solo album, Phrazes for the Young is pretty much the greatest record released this year. Check out the new video for “11th Dimension”: The totally ’80s bar sequence of this video (complete with Julian wearing a black tank top with gold chains) is AMAZING. Julian […]