I Love You Jesse Eisenberg – AKA the Day My Brain Exploded

If you have been following my Twitter, you’ll know that on Friday I was in spitting distance of the man I like to call “Sir Eisenhair” or as my friend Adam Kuban so cleverly re-named him, “Jeisenhair”.

Yes, that’s right — I was in the midst of Mr. Jesse Eisenberg!!!

He was at the SoHo Apple store for a “Meet the Filmmaker” talk to promote his new movie, 30 Minutes or Less.

Is he smiling at me? Er... Nope.

Jesse was completely awkward (of course), spending most of the time hunched over himself, at a consistent level of discomfort with the entire situation. Half the time was spent with the interviewer from Movieline asking a few questions in-between showing movie clips, and the other half was spent on audience questions.

Jesse watching himself on-screen

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Sir Eisenhair: Soul Patch, REALLY? :(

Dear Jesse Eisenberg,

I know that it’s been a really busy week for you and all, with receiving your first Oscar nomination, and rehearsing for your debut hosting gig on SNL this week, but I really do think you have enough time to shave off that soul patch situation going on. Please deal with that, Sir Eisenhair.

Thanks. Love ya!

Happy 2011!

Wishing you the best for this brand new year! Raise a glass to 2011!

Last night I was told by several people that I needed to fuel my growing obsession with Jesse Eisenberg by watching Adventureland again, despite my hatred for Kristen Stewart. But much to my horror, it’s not on Netflix instant. A slight setback for 2011, but I’m still optimistic.