“Another Way to Die” Music Video Revealed!

The Jack White and Alicia Keys duet is finally revealed in its full form (no thanks to Coca-Cola). The visuals are a little bit “7 Nation Army” + iPod commerical + Justin Timberlake’s “My Love” + Semiconductor‘s “Magnetic Movie”–but the one inescapable image that will forever sear your brain when watching this video is the […]

Jack White Unknowningly Gets Coca-Cola Ad Encore

You’ve probably heard about Jack White‘s version of “Another Way to Die” being used in a sad advert for Coke Zero. (Uh… I guess zero calories is supposed to be manly? And sexy? How else could James Bond keep the pounds off, eh?) Now Jack is letting the world know he’s just a bit more […]

Amy Winehouse Threatens to Go Toe-to-Toe with Jack White and Alicia Keys

Amy Winehouse lost the job of performing the theme song to the new James Bond film due to her inability to stay clean–the gig eventually went to the team of White Stripes’ Jack White and Alicia Keys (yuh huh). But according to the Telegraph UK, Winehouse is threatening to release the version of the Bond […]

Jack White and Alicia Keys to Record New James Bond Theme Song

Bob Dylan must be jealous, and Duffy‘s probably sad… according to MSNBC (via Access Hollywood) and NME, Jack White and Alicia Keys will record the new James Bond movie theme song–the first duet in Bond movie history. Writes MSNBC: “Alicia Keys and Jack White will record the theme for ‘Quantum of Solace,’ Access Hollywood has […]

Leaked “Nobody Knows How to Talk to Children” Footage Reveals…Nothing

So long-time White Stripes fans who attended the 4-night stand at the Bowery Ballroom in 2002 may remember sketchy peeps in white lab coats running around the building, filming something. As it was revealed later, it was footage being shot for a documentary entitled “Nobody Knows How to Talk to Children” shot/directed/edited by one George […]

Jack White Paints His Front Door Red

We all know that Jack White has vacated his historic Detroit house and is now a proud resident of Nashville, TN, but up until now I’ve seen little detail about the house he moved into. Thanks to Mr. Kelly Stewart, more has been revealed. Kelly’s a resident of Nashville and recently stopped by the seven […]

Jack White Slept Here…and Recorded Here…and Ate Over There…

Jack White has officially wiped his hands clean of his former hometown of Detroit, MI. (He currently hangs his hat in Nashville, TN.) He has now put his house in the D on the market, the historic 1731 Seminole, with an asking price just under a million dollars: $930,000.00. Not bad for a house he […]