Things From Last Month: Foster the People, Cut Copy, Johnny Marnell, Kalli

Hey y’all. Sorry I have basically fallen off the face of the planet in terms of updates. August was a great month — saw lots of good music. Here are some of the shows I witnessed:

The biggest blowout I attended last month was on August 11th for Celebrate Brooklyn‘s last concert of the summer, featuring Aussie dance party gods, Cut Copy, and California wunderkids, Foster the People. So much crazy dancing, so much fun! (And a damn near Lindsay Lohan sighting!)

Lead singer Mark Foster told a story about how when he was a teenager he approached Rivers Cuomo at a party and tried to get him to listen to his demo. Fast foward to 2011, and now Weezer has been known to cover “Pumped Up Kicks” in concert. As an homage, FTP did a cover version of “Say It Ain’t So”:

Cut Copy wants you to feel the power!

Crowd during Cut Copy finale
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An Ode to Iceland

The last year’s worth of bad news about Iceland (bankruptcy, volcanic ash, etc.) has saddened me quite a bit. When I visited the country in 2006 for the Iceland Airwaves festival I fell in love with the uniqueness of the landscape (from glaciers to geo-thermal heated pools) and the quirkiness of its people.

I never get so excited about dispensing travel advice about places I’ve been as I do about Iceland. It’s truly a magical place that seems like the spot where civilization ends and the wild, beautiful wilderness begins.

I hope the country can quickly rise back on its feet after all these catastrophic events have dissipated. Here’s to wishing the best to Iceland.

My Icelandic viking figurine guards the contents of my freezer. (After William Eggleston)