Coldplay vs. Coldplay: Which “Viva La Vida” Video Is Better?

Coldplay have released two videos for “Viva La Vida” today, one is the “official” version, directed by Hype Williams:

The other is a “cover” version made by the band, which features Chris Martin wandering around a town and grassy hill wearing a comical king hat and robe, carrying a print of “Liberty Leading the People,” which is featured on the cover of “…Death and All of His Friends.”:

The band describes it as their homage to Depeche Mode and Anton Corbijn, as the “cover” is a direct rip-off of Anton Corbijn’s video for “Enjoy the Silence”:

Which do you like better? “Viva la Vida” official, “cover,” or neither–you prefer “Enjoy the Silence.”