Radiohead Is Just Not That Into Miley Cyrus

According to a recent interview with Johnjay & Rich, Miley Cyrus confessed that at the latest Grammy Awards she was snubbed by her most favorite band in the world, the group who made her love music…Radiohead, obviously.

The band, who was performing at the awards ceremony, was stationed in a dressing room four doors down from the pop princess. Miley had her manager request that she get an audience with the famously anti-social band. When they denied the request she was shocked and appalled, citing that she thought they were very “rude” for saying no.

According to Miley, she had already texted all her friends bragging that she was going to meet them, and when her wish did not come true she was so devastated by the experience that she left the awards ceremony immediately afterward and missed their live performance on the show.

In the interview Miley also states that her new mission is to “ruin” Radiohead as a result of their dis on her. Good luck with destroying the careers of one of the biggest recording artists in the world, Miley.

Listen to the full snippet of the interview in which Miley discusses her non-run in with Radiohead:

Methinks Miley comes off as a bit bratty in this interview…I can understand being upset that your favorite band does not want to meet you, even for a minute, but when that band is well-known for hating publicity, really Miley, are you that surprised?

On the upside, Miley finds Chris Martin to be supernice…