Gossip Girl Singing Faceoff: Leighton vs. Taylor

Looks like B and Little J are at it again–except this time in real life. Sensing a complete void in the actress-slash-singer market, Leighton Meester (aka GG’s Blair Waldorf) and Taylor Momsen (aka Jenny Humphrey) have come to the rescue, both unleashing their musical poweress upon the world in the very same week.

Let’s examine the contestants, and who won the war of the Gossip Girl singers this week.

Momsen struck first, with her band Pretty Reckless performing at The Annex on Tuesday…and judging by the available video (below), her growling vocals and saucy Courtney Love-meets-Debbie Harry onstage moves make for a surprisingly pleasing combination.

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Stellastarr* to Release “Civilized” and Featured on Gossip Girl

Since I’m feeling oh-so into my favorite older bands, I’m happy to report that another local New York band from way back is well on their way to releasing some new material. Local rockers Stellastarr* are poised to release their third album, entitled Civilized, this summer on July 7th off their own record label Bloated Wife Records.

The colorful album artwork for Civilized has a sinister spin: it depicts a legs-akimbo woman (?) who appears to have been the victim of head trauma, splayed out over a wood floor. Yikes! It’s like album cover meets “Law & Order.”


The first single off the album will be “Graffiti Eyes,” and in conjunction with the April 20th iTunes release of the song, the tune will also be featured on the beloved guilty pleasure of 20-somethings everywhere, “Gossip Girl” that very same day.

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Gossip Girl Alert: Leighton Meester Hearts DVF, Blake Lively Hearts…RENT?

So I didn’t wake up today and say to myself, “Dude, you should totally be a paparazzi specializing in CW stars,” but it seems as though I ended up being one today… I just happen to spot almost all the major players in the cast of Gossip Girl! I was walking around the tent for Diane von Furstenberg at Bryant Park today and all of a sudden out the corner of my eye I saw a girl wearing yellow, and then a herd of people instantly swarming around her and her friend.

Walking closer, I recognized Miss Leighton Meester! I snapped a few photos, and then only later did I realize that the other girl accompanying her was none other than Jessica Szohr!

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