Asian Updates: Morning Benders and “The Other Asian” on Glee

I know Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month is over, but that doesn’t mean the updates on some Asians who are representing needs to end.

Some notable news:

The Morning Benders have released two exclusive non-LP tracks: a stream of ‘Go Grab A Stranger’ and a free mp3 download “Cold War (Wallpaper. Remix),” both of which are available on their official website.

Also, something super exciting: The Morning Benders will be doing a FREE SHOW with Freelance Whales on June 19th at Governors Island as part of Converse’s kick ass “Gone to Governors” live music series on The Beach. Other folks participating in the free concert series include Yeasayer (June 5), She & Him (July 4), and Neon Indian (August 14).
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Lea Michele Turning Into a Mini Diva?

Am I the only one who’s been kinda bummed out by Lea Michele‘s diva-esque attitude of late? Last night on Jimmy Fallon she seemed overly hyper and a little self-important:

Then today I read about her make-out session with emo-looking boyfriend Theo Stockman (currently in the Greenday Broadway musical, American Idiot) during the Time 100 gala where she basically told legendary party photographer Patrick McMullan to eff off. Not feeling it, Lea! You don’t hear about Idina Menzel throwing down attitude like that! Boo hiss.

On a Glee-related note, PLEASE KEEP JONATHAN GROFF ON!! He’s brought somee much needed male singing power to the show. Groff 4eva!