Diesel to Throw Another Super Party in NYC

So do you remember Diesel’s last blow-out party in NYC? This time last year Diesel was celebrating their 30th Anniversary and threw this amazing circus-themed party in Brooklyn where MIA performed (pregnant!) alongside TI, Franz Ferdinand slightly bored the crowd with a seemingly 15 hour long set, and free booze and carni food was served all night long.

Sounds like it was a good time, right?

Well put on your glow-in-the dark shoes (what? you don’t have a pair) and get ready to boogie — Diesel is throwing a “Flash for Fun” party next Tuesday (Oct 27) in honor of their new line of glow-in-the dark clothing (it’s not as bad as it sounds). The location is secret (for now), but if you want in, the rules are simple:

Go to 1 Union Square West & Ask For “The Baron” From Oct 19th – 27th and pick up a bracelet that will gain you entrance into the party. Dial the number on the wristband for the location.

Oh, and it’s not as mysterious or annoying as it might sound. We got word from someone who went and did the above that the folks at the store were nice about it and apologized for all the secrecy.

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More Pictures from Diesel’s xXx Rock & Roll Circus

Tonight’s Diesel xXx 30th Birthday Rock & Roll Circus party was definitely one of the biggest blowouts of the year! As a result, I was worried that it would be a giant headache to get it, to watch the performers, and to be there in general.

Does Diesel import all these gorgeous looking people to all their parties?

But to my surprise, the party was run correctly: no line to get in, just roll up, hand your ticket and go on in. There was an open bar (with midgets–er, little people?–sitting a top one of them on the main floor), free carnival food galore that was obtained with surprising ease (cotton candy, hot dogs, hot pretzels, ice cream, popcorn, etc.), free schwag (seat cushions, pins), and a top-notch musical lineup.

There were some annoyances (it took about 30 minutes to actually get a drink!), but if you played it right (got there early, ordered a few drinks at the bar when you got there), then you probably had little to complain about. The crowd was a refreshing mix of folks–hip hop boys and girls, hipsters, fashionistas, and party people, with the unifying factor being that the majority of people had some kind of interesting style. “Ringside” it was crowded, but not impossible to maneuver around the floor.
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Revealed in Concert: M.I.A. Is DEFINITELY Pregnant!

There were a lot of amazing moments at tonight’s Diesel 30th Birthday bash in Brooklyn’s DUMBO, but probably the most surprising was when British hip hop star M.I.A. joined T.I. onstage, only to reveal a very VERY big baby bump hanging over her acid wash jeans! (See photo below.)


There is absolutely no denying it, she has GOT to be preggers… if she is NOT pregnant, dear lord, that is one hell of a beer belly!

It’s safe to assume that the father is M.I.A.’s fiance, Benjamin Brewer (son of Warner Music Chairman Edgar Bronfman).
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Diesel Party This Weekend: Biggest Clusterf-ck Known to Man?

With the inclusion of Franz Ferdinand and Chaka Khan to the bill of the already impressive Diesel 30th Birthday Party in NYC (that is if you consider M.I.A., N*E*R*D*, and Hot Chip impressive), the jeans company has guaranteed that their fete will be the biggest blowout this side of the Atlantic.

Prepare thyselves for long lines, rowdy drunks, and probably an amazing time.

Oh and don’t forget, your last chance for tix will be tomorrow (Friday) at 10am at either Diesel store in NYC.. While you’re there you can pick up one of the cheapie jeans seen on these two comely looking youngsters… one of which looks an awful lot like Daisy Lowe (y/n?).

Diesel’s Dirty Thirty Birthday: Get Tickets to M.I.A. Performance

I was looking up some ethical shopping stuff today (I know, totally granola of me) and read that Diesel Jeans were actually produced more ethically than Calvin Klein jeans. So with that in mind, I’d like to mention that Diesel Jeans is planning what sounds like an amazing party “event” on it’s 30th birthday…on the same day in 17 different cities across the world, one of which is our very own NYC.

The location of the October 11th party is “top secret” (er.. it’s Pier 3 in DUMBO) but will feature a truly star-studded musical lineup like M.I.A. and Hot Chip… and you can get tickets by stopping by the Diesel stores in NYC, or a number of bars/record shops in the city.

Oooorrrr… you can send an email to contest @ themodernage.org with the subject line “DIESEL,” and your name, address, and telephone number in the email body. I’ll pick 5 people who will each receive a pair of tickets delivered at your doorstep. (Sorry, you must be 21+.) That’s right, you + M.I.A. + free food + cotton candy. Sounds rad, right? (The giveaway has ended, sorry!)

If this awesome sorta SFW video is any indication, this fiesta is going to rock:

Also on October 10th, there will be some limited edition “Dirty Thirty” jeans for sale at the Diesel store for only $50.
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