More Pictures from Diesel’s xXx Rock & Roll Circus

Tonight’s Diesel xXx 30th Birthday Rock & Roll Circus party was definitely one of the biggest blowouts of the year! As a result, I was worried that it would be a giant headache to get it, to watch the performers, and to be there in general.

Does Diesel import all these gorgeous looking people to all their parties?

But to my surprise, the party was run correctly: no line to get in, just roll up, hand your ticket and go on in. There was an open bar (with midgets–er, little people?–sitting a top one of them on the main floor), free carnival food galore that was obtained with surprising ease (cotton candy, hot dogs, hot pretzels, ice cream, popcorn, etc.), free schwag (seat cushions, pins), and a top-notch musical lineup.

There were some annoyances (it took about 30 minutes to actually get a drink!), but if you played it right (got there early, ordered a few drinks at the bar when you got there), then you probably had little to complain about. The crowd was a refreshing mix of folks–hip hop boys and girls, hipsters, fashionistas, and party people, with the unifying factor being that the majority of people had some kind of interesting style. “Ringside” it was crowded, but not impossible to maneuver around the floor.
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